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A MIssion Beach bicycle guide

Licuala - musgravea track

This mainly flat trail is suitable for all weather access and requires a medium level of fitness. It follows an old forestry road used in the 1960s and 1970s to haul timber from South Mission Beach to the El Arish timber mill. The trail heads north from the car park at the Licuala day-use area and exits on to the El Arish–Mission Beach road about 2 km east of the Lacey Creek day-use area.  There are numerous bridges over small tributaries and you will pass through a wide variety of lowland rainforest types, including stunning licuala palm forests.

A short link track joins the Musgravea Link Track to the Dreaming trail shortly before the road exit. The Dreaming Trail goes to Lacey Creek Walk and the car park and toilets.

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Lacey's Creek Walking Track

Upon arriving at Lacey's Creek after pedalling through the Musgravea Track, lock up the bike and take a walk.....

At Lacey Creek, you can follow the Lacey Creek walk through the rainforest along, and across, the creek. Many of the features of mature tropical rainforest can be seen: tall trees with wide buttressed trunks; epiphytic ferns perched on tree branches, high in the canopy; and twining vines climbing up and over other plants to reach the light.  Keep an eye out for Cassowaries!  At the end of your walk, take a dip in the beautiful fresh water stream to cool off....

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downhill to mission!

From Lacey's Creek it's all downhill into the main village.  You will come to the intersection which either takes you straight ahead to the main village or right to Wongaling Beach. 

Let's head straight ahead for now and expolore the northern end of Mission Beach....

ulysses link & cutten brothers trail

Beginning at the Village Green, head to the beach and you'll find the beginning.  An easy but informative ride for the whole family is the Ulysses Link which is around 1.5 kilometers long and takes around 30 minutes to complete.

This walk was constructed by the Mission Beach Rotary Club in 1988 with funding from the Queensland Heritage Trails Network and features a lot of the region's history shown in cultural art works by local artisans.

Named after the brilliant blue Ulysses butterflies that you frequently see in Mission Beach, the 1.5 kilometer walking track winds its way along the beachfront taking in the breathtaking views of the outlying Family of Islands.  You are then led to the Cutten Brothers’ Walking Track which commemorates the first white settlers who came to Mission Beach area in 1882 and settled at Bingil Bay, where they farmed mangoes, bananas, pineapples, coffee, citrus fruit and coconuts. The forest on the Cutten Brothers’ Walking Track is known as Complex Mesophyl Lowland Vineforest and is the only surviving remnant left at sea level. A very unique walk ending up at the Clump Point Jetty.

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Bicton hill & bingil bay

After photos at the Clump Point Jetty, the road meanders around the 'Bingil Bay Bends' and amazing rocky foreshore where the rainforest really does meet the sea.  You will come to the Bicton Hill walk where you can lock up your bike and wittness an amazing National Park seen in few other places.  Clump Mountain National Park contains some of the few remaining patches of undisturbed tropical lowland rainforest in North Queensland. This forest type once grew extensively throughout these coastal lowlands but, due to clearing for farming, little now remains.  Bicton Hill is the main feature of Clump Mountain National Park. A circuit walking track up this moderately steep hill offers visitors spectacular mainland and island views, and a chance to see rare rainforest plants and the elusive cassowary. 

From Bicton HIll it's a quick trip around through Bingil Bay to the famous Bingil Bay Cafe where you can enjoy a cool drink (German beer on tap) or a bite to eat!

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heading south - mission to wongaling beach

From the village head south along the Ulysses link track past Castaways Resort, then along the foreshore.  If it's low tide jump onto the beach at Conch Street and head south to Wongaling, only 10 minutes.  High tide?  Take Conch street which changes into Nonda street bringing you out at the El Arish Mission Beach Road where you turn left.  This will take you back to the Wongaling Beach intersection where you follow the path taking you onto the Tully Mission Beach Road.  On the corner make sure you stop in at the Mission Arts Centre for a look at some great local art!  The landscaped cycle path leads you right along the straight and brings you out at the beach at Wongaling.  

heading south - wongaling to south mission beach

Again, if you're doing well you can continue all the way to South Mission Beach along the beachfront - the best cycle path of all!  If ashphalt is for you then continue along Banfield Parade which dog legs into Reid Road, still following the coast south the road will veer to the right, over a bridge turning into Wheatley Road.  Keep an eye out, this is a Cassowary HOT SPOT!  Immediately after the dump there is a pathway through the forest leading you to South Mission Beach where you can stop for a drink at Beachcomber Caravan Park (great fish and chips!) or a cool off at the stinger net if in season. 

finally.....the kennedy track

At the southern end of South Mission Beach at the boat ramp this popular coastal trail is an enjoyable and picturesque 5km (one way) route that includes beach and forest walking as well as island views. Named after Edmund Kennedy who began his ill-fated expedition to Cape York from Tam O'Shanter Point in 1848, the track cuts through a wide variety of coastal rainforests to get to beaches and rocky headlands. It offers great views of the Family Group of Islands and the chance to see cassowaries, wallabies and other rainforest animals. Peer down into the ocean from lookout points to spot turtles, dugongs and dolphins. The Edmund Kennedy Track takes you from South Mission to Kennedy Bay. If you have the time you can then walk the length of Kennedy Bay along the beach to finish at the Hull River. The communities of Hull and Tully Heads are on the other side. Return is via the same pathway. This trail is suitable for a wide range of walkers, although the second half includes more stairs and a bit of rock-hopping.

Below is an overview of some of the bike track and walks on offer in Mission Beach.  This is a guide only, make sure you do your own exploring on two wheels!  Remember the best pathway in Mission Beach is the 14 km long golden sandy one!!!!  ENJOY!!!

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